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Ricardo is an Associate Professor and multi-disciplinary Filmmaker with over 30 years’ experience in directing & producing Drama; Documentary and Music Production.  He has worked internationally producing and directing content for ITV, the BBC, and Channel 4.

He is an accomplished filmmaker and academic, recognized for his compelling storytelling. His 2020 short film, "Re:Tension", examined institutional racism and micro-aggressions, earning a nomination for Best Educational Film at the Learning on Screen Awards and propelled "Re:Tension" onto the global stage, screening at the 17th Festival International Du Film Panafricain De Cannes.

Ricardo also played a key role at Leeds Trinity University, where his film contributed to winning the Diversity and Inclusion award at the 2021 Whatuni Student Choice Awards. His accompanying educational toolkit has been adopted by UK universities, reaffirming his influence in promoting social justice within academia and film.


Re_Tension Poster_05b.jpg
November 2019

Re:Tension follows Thapelo on a day where he is unwittingly forced to question the judgements of his tutors and peers, and delve deeper into his own actions, choices and beliefs.

Re:Tension addresses the topic of institutional racism within British universities and attempts to provide an real insight into the micro-aggressions that often go unnoticed.

October 2020

A Comedy Short Film that attempts to make sense of these confusing times and the US Presidential Election 2020. This video is not sponsored by Donald Trump, Joe Biden or Putin.

April 2012

Sokorates is a nine part Urban, Fantasy, Thriller for the internet.


Starring: Wil Johnson & Tanya Vital,

August 2009
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